About The Author
Len Cram
(by Gan Bruce)

I am very pleased to be given a chance to pen this brief profile on Len Cram.

Len has been a personal friend for 27 years; though born in Sydney, Len was nurtured on the beautiful sweeping shores of the picturesque Lake Macquarie. There is no doubt that such an environment had a powerful influence on his development as a person and his inevitable love for the things of nature, which was later to include our beautiful opal.

Though Len never finished his formal education, he can stand beside many in the scientific world today. With his research as a living testimony to the worth of external study.

While writing my book on Lightning Ridge, I spent quite a lot of time with Len in his laboratory. I quickly learned that he was a profound thinking person with a strong analytical mind. Among Len’s many achievements since I have known him is a PhD.

In his subdued manner of research, Len has cut such a path through the wilderness of amorphous silica science such that scientists from Australia and worldwide continue to make contact with him, even from as far away as France and the U.S.S.R. He has unlocked many of the mysteries of the origin of Australian opals and so much so that professors of science have written to him seeking his knowledge on certain aspects of opals.

Len Cram

Len Cram with a pile of books he authored

About the Author – Opal cutter, Writer, Opal industry All-Rounder

Len Cram is recognised as a world authority on Australian opals, and even after thirty-odd years of experience, his face still lights up at the mere mention of our national gem. He is a fine cutter and judge of opals, especially the many complex forms of the Queensland Boulder Opal. He has been involved in every aspect from trade and industry, to mining and exporting. Still, the biggest impression, I feel, is clearly seen with his professionalism as a world-class photographer of opals. Lens brilliant work on these precious gems can be seen in this book and others.

In conclusion, I am so pleased that after years of pestering him, Len is, at last, going to pass a little of his wealth of knowledge onto us with this small pictorial.

By Gan Bruce