Rough Black Opal parcels

Rough Black Opal parcels start their journey from Lightning Ridge after a miner has been lucky to find some. A parcel is a group of pieces of material, in this case, black opal. A parcel can come in all shapes, sizes of pieces, weights and value. At the opal shop we try to have a range of parcels in hand. Because of the value a black opal parcel can vary from a couple of pieces to buckets. In a lot of cases we will video and give a verbal and written description. We try to be fair with these and air on the plainer and less rather than more flowery superlatives. This is why in most cases we produce videos.


Our first use of videos was nearly 20 years ago, unfortunately, technology had not caught up to our dreams. Now things are different. We strive for real colour pictures and colour balanced images. Because of this fact, the material you see is the parcel you will receive.