Boulder Opal.

Australian boulder opal comes from the largest area of similar opal bearing material in Australia. Several fields are found within this wide area. Because of this fact, many have been given a unique name. With the name  a specific set of characteristics can be seen within that group. Some field names include Yowah, Korite, Quilpy and Opalton to name just a few areas.  You will begin to see just how varied the opal is with study. Because Queensland opal area is a harsh and lonely out back place only experienced travelers should venture into the outback,


Looking for a unique boulder opal?  To buy and save come to OpalShop.  You should consider these points when looking at opal stones. Settle on the stone with the use and jewelry design in mind. At OpalShop we have a great variety of material available for sale or just to look at. For a pendant stone the opal can be thinner. A ring stone needs to be thicker so it has some built in toughness. Because of the demand  opal stock changes on a daily basis  We have used the term Boulder Opal  as a type of opal for the site. It also relates to a large area of Queensland. If you ever get a chance to visit Out Back Queensland please come and say hello.