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Australian Opal Jewellery

Welcome to OpalShop’s jewellery section. As expert retailer of unset Australian Opals, we thought we would also offer you set opals so you can wear them straight away. All our jewellery pieces are made from our solid natural Australian Opals (not doublets with black backing or triplet with glass or quartz capping), so you can rest assured of the rare quality of the opal jewellery you are purchasing.

Our Jewellery is made out of all types of Australian Opals, such as the rare Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, the Boulder Opal from Queensland, the amazing matrix like Koroit Opal or the White Opal from Coober Pedy.

We have gathered varied pieces and styles, such as an unset boulder gemstone pendant on a leather cord or a formal amazing Gold and White Opals earrings. Price is commensurate to the rarity and beautifulness of the Australian Opal it is made of, and the value of the material that surrounds it when set ( eg yellow and white gold in grades such as 14ct, 18ct, 9ct, silver …)

Use our “refine” and “sorting” options to find your favourite piece.

All our jewellery pieces come in a jewellery box and for pendants, with a free chain so it can be worn straight away when gifted.

As we offer many unset opals ready to be used by expert Jewellers, we do not ourselves accept special order of jewellery to be made, we leave that to you to organise after you find your perfect stone. This helps us remain the expert that we are in sourcing the best Opal Pieces at the best price.

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