Matching Pair of Opal, Cut & Polished

These opal stones from Coober Pedy have a natural crack along the opal face. The stone is generally cut down and split in two using this natural fissure. Experts then cut, shape and polish the opals to be used in creations that require a matching pair, like earrings or bracelets.

“Pairs are a lot rarer than single stones resulting in higher price values.”

Coober Pedy is the largest Opal producing mine in the world and produces over 80% of all Australian Opal. It is generally white or light Opal that comes from this region. Like all Australian Opal, these pieces do not absorb water and do not need treating. Use our “refine” and “sorting” options to find your preferred item.

As we offer many unset opals ready to be used by expert jewellers, we do not ourselves accept special orders for jewellery at this time. We leave that to you to organise after you find your perfect stone. This helps us remain the expert that we are in sourcing the best Opal Pieces at the best price.

At the Opal Shop, we have a diverse range of matching cut pairs from Coober Pedy. We almost always have a video as well as a verbal and written description of the items.
Our price and descriptions are as fair and understandable as possible, determined by the Opal Shop Owner, expert and buyer of 20 years.

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