Fossil Opal from Lightning Ridge

These pieces of Australian fossil opal from Lightning Ridge Highlight the way that opal forms and how it can replace the shape of the cavity in which it formed. Opal can seep into some materials and then harden throughout the structure, opalising the internal structure of what it has infused. Creating a matrix of opal throughout the fossil material. When this happens, the fossil can take on the lustrous colours of opal while retaining its shape and details, producing some astounding pieces.

“Opalised fossils are rare pieces from our past and highly sought after. They generally don’t last long for sale so enjoy these while you can!”

Lightning Ridge is World famous for its stunningly vibrant black opal, rarely found outside this small region. The rarest and most expensive form, characterised by the black base colour of the stone. It shines more vividly than dark, light or boulder opal and is far less common.

At the Opal Shop, we have a diverse range of opal specimens from Lightning Ridge. We almost always have a video as well as a verbal and written description of the items.
Our price and descriptions are as fair and understandable as possible, determined by the Opal Shop Owner, expert and buyer of 20 years.

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