Koroit Opal and Yowah Nut natural rough pairs

Australian Koroit Boulder Opals and Yowah nuts are unshaped to any specific form in their natural raw extracted state. Some are pieces, sometimes splits, of the original host material, or in the case of nuts, they can be the entire boulder found. Use these stones as they are, or perform your cut and polish.

Rough Opal is the natural form of Opal. It then takes many hours of delicate and precise handling by a skilled lapidarist to shape this material into the wonderous gems seen. Because of this, rough Opal is an excellent bargain for those who wish to try their hand at carving something precious.

“Pairs are rarer than single stones resulting in higher price values.”

Koroit Opals are part of the Boulder Opal family, characterised by solid brown ironstone matrix or layers interlaced with the Opal and are the second most valuable Opal in the world after Black Opal. Koroit Opals take their name from the Koroit mining area near Yowah in South West Queensland and, due to their unique pattern, sought after.

Yowah nuts are 5mm to 20cm mini boulders, which host an opal, also specific to the Yowah region.

These Rough pairs from Koroit and Yowah are perfect for any enthusiast who wishes to test their skills at cutting harder material.

At the Opal Shop, we have a diverse range of matching pairs from Yowah and Koroit. In addition, we almost always have a video and a verbal and written description of the items.
Our price and descriptions are as fair and understandable as possible, determined by the Opal Shop Owner, expert and buyer of 20 years.

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